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Avekorp Academy is primarily focused on Entrepreneurship growth and development. The trend of career growth in Nigeria shows that Entrepreneurship is the new phase of career pursuit for all aggressive and well determined young individuals that want to succeed the ever changing environment in the Global Economy.

The Academy programme is well structured to provide training and development courses of the highest quality which are to address the entrepreneurial knowledge and need to be successful as entrepreneurs.

As an educational institution, our goal is to promote a non-dogmatic learning environment that brings together people, cultures and ideas from around the world, changing lives and helping to transform through entrepreneurial education.

A global perspective and cultural diversity are reflected in all aspects of our concepts. We provide the knowledge and skills needed to meet your goals. We offer a full suite of programs designed to meet individual ideas and expectations.  We can help you to create a comprehensive training plan, manage your talent, and enable you, using our market-leading experience. No matter what your particular area of need, programmes from the AVEKORP Academy can help you.

“One-stop-shopping” for ENTREPRENEURS. Training, Learning and Development (TLD) courses through the AVEKORP Academy have been designed to suit your Entrepreneurship needs. Gain expert knowledge. As an experienced  or a start up entrepreneur, if you want to deepen your specialist knowledge, our platform makes it very easy for you to achieve your dreams.

The AVEKORP Academy is for people who want to make a real impact. We empower entrepreneurs to find and develop their talents and change the world for better.


The variety of technology-driven procedures is ever increasing. The evolution towards empowerment and the introduction of advanced techniques to treat complex issues in the present global changing environment and complex challenges has created a great need for new skills acquisition. Training in advanced techniques and skills are necessities and no longer luxury for emerging entrepreneurs.

The AVEKORP Skills Programmes have two learning objectives each.


  1. A course through our platform on all you need to know about ENTREPRENEURSHIP to make you successful and launch into financial freedom..
  2. A choice of  practical demonstration of your skills by Dreaming it, Believing it and Achieving it through our Professional edge.


Registration is online by submitting your contact details and area of interest via the website.

Choose area of interest to demonstrate skills and passion.


Certificates of attendance will be awarded.

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